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Light weight, faster, carbon fiber are all good things in their proper place. If you aren't putting in the long miles in preparation for the Spring Classics or the Tour de France and are genuinely in love with all things bicycle you might consider taking a look at Pashley Cycles of England. Anything that closes in on its 100th anniversary while maintaining a large fan base deserves some close inspection. As we all know most things, even some of the good ones, are fleeting. In 1926 Pashley Cycles was conceived and in 16 short years it will reach its 100th anniversary while still producing models that closely resemble, if not duplicate, their originals. The Sovereigns (seen above) are available like Henry Ford's Model T in your favorite color as long as it's black with chain guards, fenders, and enough racks to carry your belongings like a gypsy. The Pashley's are built with incredible durability and comfortable cruising in mind, with Brooks leather saddles that in time completely mimic your body contours (for comfort), and built to stand the test of time like the bike it's moutned on. Whether you are a collector or a city bound dreamer in need of non-motorized mobility the Pashley's desrve a closer look.

Images provided by EcoVelo and Salim Virji

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