AirCraft: The Jet as Art

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Jeffrey Milstein PhotographerPlane05

Jeffrey Milstein PhotographerPlane07

Jeffrey Milstein Photographer via swiss miss Plane02

I love this photo series by Jeffrey Milstein!

AirCraft: The Jet as Art,
features large-scale images of airliners in flight, shot at the precise
moment when the aircraft is overhead. This work combines passions for
form, symmetry, color, and flight. As a typology of aircraft, these
photographs open up conversations about the complexity and beauty of
modern technology. They are an attempt to share my sense of wonder.
Watching a mammoth Boeing 747 gracefully gliding overhead on the way to
touch down never ceases to amaze me, but they are also a meditation on
how tech
nology can be a double-edged sword when things go wrong~ Jeffrey Milstein Photographer

Thanks swiss miss!

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