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Acapulco Chair

Categories: Kids + Baby, Modern Decor + Objects

Oficina Kreativa is a creative work group within the field of art, architecture, and design. Jacob Fasting and Kirsten Krogh founded the office in 2008. It is located in Mexico City and Copenhagen. Oficina Kreativa is engaged in the design and production of furniture and in theoretical and artistic practice. It is based on an exchange of ideas between Scandinavia and Mexico – a cultural import & export.

And here a collection of them in my favorite space in Copenhagen – CPH Square showroom.

Oficina Kreativa is introducing the new Acapulco Mini for the kids. Just as cool – only smaller.


2 Comments to "Acapulco Chair"

  1. I think the redactor of this web page should be more carefull when publishing this kind of news.

    This chair is a clasic of mexican popular furniture cince the 60´s so, saying this is a “new design” is a lie.

  2. Sure, this is a classic…here in Mexico. Anyhow, this kind of chair is a new product to the area this blog is targeted to. Cheers!

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