A Parisienne in Brooklyn by Carol VanderKloot

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Ok, this year's New York International Gift Fair at Javits Center was so dominated by vintage-inspired, knotty pined, whip stitched, whimsical objet made in China, I needed a break. Plus, many exhibitors showed copious copies of works by Gio Ponti, Alexander Girard, David Hicks, with NO mention or credit given. It's a shame really, with Etsy, the rage and craft making officially embraced by hipsters, why isn't macrame going mainstream? Too bad, as charming, cheerful, hand sewn by a Parisiane in Brooklyn is indeed an option. Sylvie-Pillows lavender sachets are all that and a whiff of lovely. You can gift Electric Birds, opting for functional, delicious smelling eye candy or selfishly incorporate in your travels to keep packables smelling sweet or refresh a room in need of a boost. Besides bringing something lovely, your host will marvel at your choice as products are sold ONLY at small boutiques or through the designer. No re-gifting here, I guarantee it. For pillows, table linens, tapestries and lavender sachets, visit: www.sylvie-pillows.com



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  1. Orange HOWELL

    Aug 19, 2010 at 6:41 am

    Love humming birds and electric birds! Perfect pillows for all country houses to coordinate with hummingbird feeders hanging outside of the kitchen windows…you know the window ’cause you volunteered to do the dishes! Top quality for those in the know, Sylvie’s pillows are made so well.

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