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Places to get lost…vintage stores to covet.

When I was little my mom used to drag me around every furniture store she could get her hands on while visiting LA. I recently met a very nice someone who turned me on…to this peaceful pastime once again…Funny how the things my mother coveted then are interesting to me now.. One of my new favorites is in Venice, Ca Surfing Cowboys. Maybe it's my roots in Hawaii that brings this one home…it feels like the essence of 'warm' and 'good' in this store..stop by to feel it for yourself.

With lots of friends living in Portland, how have I missed this one? Design Milk introduced me to this gem, The Good Mod. While mom was plotting her next purchase, I fantasized about hosting tea parties or sipping fancy drinks in the special vingette's around every corner. I think I could live in this store pretty easily…even as an adult.

Post 27 in Chicago is one of my favorites. A must see each time I am in this town and always a great place to find gifts for my vintage enthusiast friends. A cool venue for events too…which resonates well with me, because of course I could then linger and drink the martini's that I used to dream about…

Design/one in San Diego looks wonderful…apparently there is a whole slew of great vintage shops in San Diego calling my name…since this is mom's most current residence I am sure I will do the dragging this time…  

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  1. Zahida

    Aug 3, 2010 at 11:43 am

    Nice and beautiful furniture

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