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Modern essentials and things that are sure to max out my credit limit.

Felt Chairs? I know for sure that the DMV, impromptu board meetings, and awkward Thanksgiving dinners would have been a whole lot better if the chairs were felt. One will not be enough… admired on bltd.

I have always been obsessed with I Dream of Jeanie's bottle. I want a place to run and hide, nap or read a book. This is the closest I think I can get and once again, I find myself obsessed. The Pup Tent..found on Contemporist.

Picture 1744
I grew up attending church every Sunday. I spent many hours gazing at the celestial ceiling and getting lost in stained glass rays of light. I believe much my interest in Architecture began here.  But this…this etherial place of worship has taken my breath away. The whole structure is featured on Dezeen.

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