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2Modern Design Brief

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Fashion + Trends, Local + Travel

Design bliss and other notables…

I am a fan of the W chain of hotels. This is not an endorsement of this brand but I say with confidence that I am never disappointed with a visit to these hotels. Their marketing and design team simply match my personal taste in decor and what it means to have a good hotel experience. Check out this newly opened W in Puerto Rico! Find courtesy of Contemporist.


A good set of stairs to me… must be like what a man thinks when he envisions a good pair of legs. To me, it's the most sexy part of a structure. I don't have a specific style…I just know a good set of steps when I see one. Image courtesy of Dezeen


E.v.e.r.y. S.i.n.g.l.e T.i.m.e ~ The black walls.. they get me every single time.  And can I also mention stripes? I mean the two together- my design bliss…image courtesy of Black*Eiffel.

It's funny but I always feel a strong sense of loyalty to my California girl roots. This table is so rad. spotted on the Interior Revolution.

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  1. Special designing and unique features decoration, what is the principle of this designing?

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