Who is Oki Sato? What is Nendo?

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Oki Sato is famous designer. He was born in Toronto, Canada.

In 2002 year he graduate from Waseda University. Immediately after that he established in Tokyo "nendo" Tokyo office – the design firm.


Is he common extraordinary designer as most of 'creative' persons in all over the world? Well, I'd rather to recommend you to his works before give him any assessment. His concept lay deep in small moments which we have in life. Very Japanese, isn't it?

Nendo team is all about those small moments. Every time when they create something they follow their concept.

In 2010 Nendo took part in Rifare venue. They worked on organizing space for coming exhibition. Working within a limited budget, they was also required to obtain ample space for use by five curators. That's why they set up five pre-fabricated agricultural greenhouses made of plastic within the venue space and turn them into individual gallery spaces.






The light that go trough plastic walls create soft and transparent light inside. That is one of Nendo's tricks. Another one is stapled black carpets. They ran throughout the exhibition for displaying the works positioned alongside there “trails”.

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