Turkish Tea?

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I recently returned from a trip to Turkey, where I expected to see everyone drinking Turkish coffee. And while there was plenty of that beverage, the more ubiquitous liquid was tea, apple tea to be precise. It was so utterly delicious, and you could have it everywhere! You popped into a shop, and they offered you apple tea. The lobby in the hotel I stayed in offered free apple tea whenever you wanted it. And the best part were the tiny glass cups with saucers that everyone, everywhere drank it out of. I bought myself a lovely, touristy set complete with blue evil eyes, but the more traditional, simple glass ones were a site to behold on their own. I think everyone should have a set.






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  1. BobbinTalk

    Jul 27, 2010 at 4:40 am

    Ohh yes! I’ve been to Istanbul numerous times and love their tea!! The glasses are quite lovely too!

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