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Having spent the majority of my formative and my present years in urban Chicago, San Antonio and now Atlanta, I can safely say that neither myself nor my family has ever had yard space for a treehouse.  They look like fun, though.   However, now I'm a grown-up, I think perhaps I'd rather just go visit a tree hotel.  Yes, that's right, Treehotels.  And not only does this concept sound awesome, it looks really awesome too.

In Harads, in northern Sweden, just such a place will be open to the public.  The company, Tree Hotel, owned by Britta Jonssson-Lindvall will open up the  first one of its treehotels in the tall timbers of Harads.  There will be about six of these hotels at first and the company's goal is to create up to 24 in the coming years.  Based on these conceptual illustrations, though, I'm going to start saving my pennies for what could be the most awesome vacation in northern Sweden ever!




Read more about the concept, here:  www.treehotel.se.  And if one of you would be so kind as to donate to my Treehotel in Harads Vacay Fund, that would be swell.

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