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Timothy Nolan at Marx & Zavattero in San Francisco through August 21

Categories: Art + Graphics, Local + Travel


July 24 – August 21,

Marx & Zavattero, 77 Geary Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, California


Pitch, 2008/2010

and enamel on panels

variable (approximately 22x120x180 inches as seen here)



Stack, 2010
vinyl on aluminum

dimensions variable (approximately 102×138 inches as seen here)

Timothy Nolan's work has a quiet elegance about it. Geometric, intentional, thoughtful. His palette is restricted, formal, sophisticated and leaves you with shape and form.



Jump, 2009 – Installed at the Schiltkamp Gallery,
Clark University, Worcester, MA
Black, silver and gray tape on wall

While looking through his portfolio, I came across some older work that I think is just as fresh now as when it was made.


Converge, 2006
Watercolor and gouache on mulberry paper

For me, this is the true test of an artist, the arc of their career and any cross-discipline practices. Nolan has this in spades. He draws with tape on walls, with gouache and watercolor on mulberry paper, and with adhesive vinyl on glass.

His sculptures are elaborate, structured and ethereal.


Slide, 2006
cardstock, monofilament, metal clips

180 x 108 x 96 inches

If you are flying in or out of the Los Angeles International Airport anytime between now and the end of August, you can see Nolan's work in Terminal 2.

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