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Nestled among the beachy rocks and cacti of Roca Blanco, Mexico is quite possibly one of the most spectacular beach houses I've ever laid eyes on.  Not unlike many other beach houses I've seen, this beach house nearly disappears into the hill on which it was built and it probably would have, were it not for the stark white interior and the rooftop pool.  The interior design and architecture mimics the exterior setting as well.  Though it's minimal in design and furniture, the browns, soft whites and wood recall the house's location and remains cozy, yet outdoorsy.     Designed by Gabriel Orozco with Tatiana Bilbao.  Photography by Iwan Daan.








Read an interview featuring Orozco and Bilbao here.

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  1. Jake

    Jul 22, 2010 at 5:36 pm

    Looks like an half-buried XBox.
    …Which isn’t really a bad thing. I think the XBox is a gorgeous console and would love a house shaped like one.

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