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“Red has never looked so right”

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Fashion + Trends, Modern Decor + Objects

Givenchy 2010 Fall Campaign has received a lot of buzz in the fashion
industry. The invigorating red that pervaded the campaign's palate
got the same amount of attention from the media as the transsexual
model in the ad! In a season full of neutral colors, the media
responded positively. Referring to to the campaign's attention
grabbing use of the color red, NY Times said “red has never looked
so right.”

Givenchy red

design, color and form are inseparable. Color has the potential to
define the 3D spaces. Color is also dynamic when it is used with
different materials at various forms and scales. Another aspect of
color in design is its cultural context, symbolism and emotional

Back to our regular interest, how is red used in modern design? After a quick scan, I have compiled a short visual list of the ones that I find pleasant, attractive and inventive. 

Ccc la tourette

Monastery of La Tourette
by Le Corbusier 
which he used a strong color red for the interior walls.

Stuart lawson

interior designer Stuart Lawson’s red spiral case in a Puerto
Rican island home.



glossy red kitchen isle is placed in front of a brick
fireplace and surrounded by unfinished walls and old rustic floors is designed by Alessi.


in Dusseldrof, Germany has red glass panels of multi-functional
facade technology that also controls the building's temperature, air
quality, sound absorption and acoustic characteristics.



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