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Oy for Oi! by Carol VanderKloot

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, DIY + How To, Kids + Baby, Modern Decor + Objects, News + Events + Contests, Sustainability

Troving the halls at NeoCon, the major contract industry expo held annually in Chicago, I caught the usual suspects—office systems, task chairs, wall covering, lighting, carpeting. Don’t get me wrong, I love this show and appreciate theoretical explanations of new products and re-designed showrooms.
However, I came upon Oi modular sofas and was blown away by their stylish 70s aesthetic and their innovation. Available in three colors—grey, brilliant blue and lime green—cushy upholstered cells come out of box like legos. Cells fit on a gridlike aluminum based and can be configured in countless ways. One sofa fits entirely within a 30” cardboard box—and can be assembled easily and without tools. Wait there’s more–interior is made from recycled cores.
Perfect for a library, playroom, dorm or to uplift a dreary wait room. Created by the design team Cocoon and made in Canada, I actually contemplated buying straight off the floor. Well, there’s always next year.


6 Comments to "Oy for Oi! by Carol VanderKloot"

  1. It is interesting article that you have made and I think that it is new concept that you have shared over here. I am glad that I have find you so that I came to know about this new concept furniture.
    Office screens

  2. Thank you Helsa! It’s embarrassing how much I love this product. But, I think, truly worthy of touting.

  3. Great post, Carol! Welcome to the bloggosphere!

  4. What a cool product! Love it!

  5. What a cool concept! Love the product!

  6. Very hip and contemporary. I love edgy furniture design. To add a little extra bling, check out decorative wall mirrors where you can pick out a hip mirror as an accent.

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