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Don't say you didn't hear it first
from 2modern, as the sign isn’t even up yet. Here in Stone Ridge, a mere 120
minutes north of the Big Apple, they do modern and they do it well. Now
open weekends and by appointment, presenting: the
Modernist Studio
. This gem of a place acts as a creative
outlet for owners
Jason O'Malley and J.R. Craigmile. O'Malley makes the pottery while Craigmile curates the
collection of
outsider art.

A former art director at Donna Karan and
illustrator of 10 books, O’Malley left New York seeki
ng a change of pace. For
many, launching
Handsome Devil Press greeting cards,
penning the hilarious 
Doodle Whore 
blog, illustrating,
gardening and dog training would have been enough. For O’Malley, this was
only the beginning and after a casual dalliance with pottery class, a love
affair was born

Rural Modernist’s eye-popping vessels
and bowls are definitely the main draw. Part Gio Ponti 
meets Beatrice Wood
ala organic Whoville, the matte black and high gloss white pieces are inspired
by orb-like sea life. Pottery can be used solo or grouped together to create
inspired modern vignettes.
Also made by O’Malley are hand-stenciled designs on wood, which can be
purchased in multiples, home made soaps in creative trappings—maps, cards,
graph paper—and clever greeting cards. 


Outsider art
provides a welcome contrast with works by S.L. Jones, Willie Jinks, Myrtice
West, M.C. (5 cent) Jones. Film production accountant by day Craigmile scours the earth
literally and virtually, hunting down items before reluctantly bidding adieu.
He'll curate on-going exhibitions and events at the Rural Modernist to fuel his
creative mojo.

At the risk of sounding canned, once
setting foot into this place, you’ll want to hang out and ditch your plans for
the day. Whether it’s the original modern aesthetic, cheeky humor, meticulous
detailing, great smells, and perfect tuneage-Smiths, The Velvets,Talk Talk,
Nancy Sinatra and Gaga were all on rotation—you’ll be hooked. 

The Rural Modernist

3780 Main Street

Stone Ridge, NY, 12484


Photos courtesy of the Rural Modernist Studio & Jason O'Malley 

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  1. Ken

    Jul 18, 2010 at 12:58 pm

    Great read. Looks like some really inspiring stuff, too!

  2. LK

    Jul 21, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    Great find! Looking forward to taking the drive to see the treasures for myself. Love the pottery and graphic prints.

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