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Paul Smith Wash Bag

Paul Smith Courier Bag

Paul Smith Wash bag and Courier Bag

It sometimes seems like carrying our things around with us feels like being owned. If you're going to carry your things around with you, as most of us have to, why do it in black nylon with a sense of military precision when you can add some color and quality to the sorrowful act of carrying and being owned. Paul Smith/Rapha allows you to do exactly this. From a small wash bag for your toiletries all the way to a larger courier bag for your computer or books
a patchwork of colorful cycling jerseys or cyclists passing a Paul
Smith striped Mini Cooper can be displayed on your carrying gear with a
sense of style that says way more about who you are and how you
approach life than black nylon, is anyone really black nylon?? These
bags are well made in heavy canvas with monsterous zippers and hand
stitched leather so that you can be stylish for quite a few years to
come. Break the mold.

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