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House Tour: Villa Dali

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

In honor of an upcoming exhibition of Salvador Dali's late works at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, here's a really strange, yet fascinating house tour inspired by Dali's concepts and theories on surrealism.  And in addition to some Dali inspiration, the villa was also inspired by Spanish architecture and art nouveau. The Villa Dali, located in the Netherlands, was completed last year by 123DV Architects.  The home owners are big fans of Dali and if you look very closely, you'll see his form in some obvious and not-so-obvious forms.  Oh!  And if you find yourself in Atlanta, soon, check out the exhibition…it should be awesome!  Click here for more information.

123DV_villadali 3 


123DV_villadali 72




Location: Vroondaal, near The Hague, The Netherlands
Architects: 123DV Architecture
Completed: 2009
Photography: Christiaan de Bruijne

2 Comments to "House Tour: Villa Dali"

  1. so amazing :)

  2. Oh very good Design your library look like my dream

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