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Graphic designers find inspiration from many sources.   I find Martin Sati’s illustrations recall some of my favorite artists.  This Sevilla based designer likes the contrast in negative space juxtaposed to the detailed line much like Erte’s arch typified art deco images recalling a fascination of the machine age.  For Sati ”The celestial world as seen through the mechanical energy” in his GodMachine piece.  His work comments about the modern age of technology and man’s creation and dependence on it.



The minimalism of the 1970’-80’s of famed Patrick Nagel’s depictions of the powerful female also come to mind in Sati's interpretations of celebrities shown here above. Bold, dark lines shape perspective out of flat, cool colors and stark white spaces; the result is what some have described as "fantasy realism." 

Martin Sati definitely has a variety of stylistic talents and I find myself staring at them and discovering more with each blink of the eye.

Have an infinitely modern day!

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  1. Leigha

    Jul 22, 2010 at 3:36 pm

    New to Martin Sati. Love the work. Thanks for the intro.

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