Flower Power By David Wiseman

Modern Decor


will be the first to admit I like my flowers alive and not in the form of a
painting or a sculpture or plastic.  However…apparently
I do make exceptions.  This branch
chandelier with illuminated flowers intrigued me when I first saw it.  How clever I thought and attractive.  How
could this be?  Me attracted to flowers
in art?  Well it is porcelain after all and made me take a second look.  David Wiseman pairs porcelain with metal and
aspires to bring nature inside.





combines old and new here with themes of art nouveau and moldings into a more
sculpted and expressive format that literally comes out of the wall.  Purpose and function, subtleties, texture,
softening lines in contrast when paired with starkness.  His flowers have power.  His artwork takes shape in the form of chandeliers,
collages, fireplace accents, ceiling decoration and lighting.


Have an infinitely modern day!


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  1. clippingimages

    Jul 7, 2010 at 10:25 pm

    stunning design:)really like it…………

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