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Gates central park

 The Gates, Central Park free hanging saffron color
panels created a sense of a golden ceiling with warm shadows or from
the distance it looked like a golden river with its highlight effects
among the trees and the walking paths.

 Many of you have probably seen these
images before. The nature of the color and texture in these images,
and their interpretation has always been exciting for me. Seeing an
everyday object such as a piece of cloth used in such an innovative
way is invigorating, These new insights into perspective, lightness,
translucency, colors and originality are the essence of progress in the arts.

Wrapped reichstag
The Reichstag was wrapped with
fireproof polypropylene fabric layered with an aluminum underlining (
also a great deal of ropes) to alter the building's appearance.

Wrapped trees 

Wrapped Trees,Switzerland, 1997-98

Christo and Jeanne-Claude
created these works of art.While the apparent message of their work
was environmental in nature, they insisted that their only goal was
aesthetic impact. Aiming for new ways of seeing the familiar, Christo
and Jeanne-Claude had to go through a profusion of bureacratic
permissions to realize their temporary master pieces; for example, it
took them 25 years of persistence to wrap the Reichstag as described



 My favorite project of the bunch, “The
Umbrellas” is a joined project of Japan-American. In 1991, 1,880
workers began to open 3,100 free standing umbrellas. This work of art
reflected the charactheristics of the use of lands in two inland
valleys. In Japan, due to the limited land, the umbrellas were placed
very close to each other and had a blue color, representing the
importance of water to the cultivation of rice. In California, the
umbrellas were spread in every direction through the land and had a
yellow color, representing the hues of the dry grass and hills of the

Yellow umbrellas

Arkansas river

Christo and Jeanne-Claude's latest project will use silvery, translucent fabric panels to let the blue sky in
above the Arkansas river.



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