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among unpredictable individual selections and tastes gives the
designer freedom to reinvent his or her works using a
wide range of design styles. Unexpected and unusual opposites, such
as the juxtaposition of old and new, are as relevant as the more
standard approach to matching compositions.

of the most common interior design blends is the mix of modern
and ancient.

Frederic mechiche
Frederic mechiche 1

is best known for his modern interiors. However,
he often leaves elements of ancient details in place while
redesigning contemporary places. His 18th century house in Paris
is a classic example of the combination
of modern minimalism and spirit with old world beauty.
While salvaging old materials such as wood floors and gouache work on
the walls, he also includes Jacobsen and Mies chairs with
confidence and clear cohesion.



of the most famous examples of the convergence of ancient
and modern style is the
Louvre in Paris. Part of the
Louvre's new pyramid is the work of Ming Pei, an American

decision to enclose the entrance for the Louvre in a pyramid of glass
and steel caused a great deal of controversy, as some believed that
the pyramid did not match the classical architecture of the rest of
the Louvre.

example of the unusual union at a smaller scale can be found in
the concept of color equilibrium. I believe color tensions
are as significant as color harmonies.  According to
, “dissonance is as desirable as its opposite, consonance.” It's not only about color harmony rules, but it is also
about color intensities, nearness, distance, depth, weights,
proportions and quantities.

(a free study done by a student of Josef Albers)


With this type of approach, being
original is unavoidable!!

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