Are you in need of a new clock that is fun as well as informative?

Modern Decor

The Black and White Neon Clock.

Neonetics Black and White Neon Clock - Black and White Neon Clock
It will look great on wall in your living or dining room. The blue neon light is great feature for little restyling, which will add new view to your old interior. If you wakeup in the night you will not have to turn on light to know what time is it now. And it's great!

Also I would recommend it for children who used to sleep with light. Istead of using casual night lamp you can just hang it on the wall in kids room.

Neon by NEONETICS HOME of Neon

Those clocks was designed by the Rock-Ola Manufacturing Corporation. They are all perfect for creative person who like geek's and funny things. 

Neon by NEONETICS HOME of Neon-1
So, if you already dream to have one of them then go to living room accessories.

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