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Otl Aicher is best known for his graphics for the
1972 Munich Olympic Games, which incorporated a system of universally
recognizable pictograms that has become the standard throughout the
world. He also created the olympic's posters, postcards, tickets, and

In graphic design conveying information
with the right colors improve the communication efforts.

Munich 1972

Folklore munich olym 
Aicher-olympics  Otl Aicher's color selection is not
only an aesthetic choice but it also achieves the purpose for his
client. In the case of yellow here, it represents the heat of the
games, the vitality it brings to its spectators and the energy it
spreads around.


The first official olympic
mascot Waldi, a dashchund was also created by Otl Aicher. Waldi appreared in several
color schemes containing some of the olympics five colors.



Talking about color,
world, cultures and vitality the benetton group's research center
fabrica's publication “colors” magazine has great graphics, unusual topics, big pictures and an
unique way of communication style. Its first sold out issue of 1991
is now available on Ipad

Its front cover showed a
little girl being born dramatically representing the arrival of a new
magazine “colors” into the
publishing world.


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