Unusual Fruit Bowls

Modern Decor

Doesn’t it feel good, when the dining room is clean and organized, to spruce it up by putting out something new on the countertops or the walls? Easy way to bling-up your kitchen is to buy a new fruit bowl.
Here are a few that I like. 


“The Ring” is an unusual fruit bowl made of porcelain.  Its concept is between art and design. The fruit is put into the opening at the top and can be taken out at the bottom. At both sides opening are located to show the amount of remaining fruit. In small dining room, space is precious on table, but walls are often left bare. So the ring, decorative design, hang on the wall, make it easier to save some space. Designed by Joung Myung Lee.


Bubblicious is a fruit bowl comprised of varying volumes of spheres, that allows you to place fruits of different sizes, in a way that enables to position the object in a new equilibrium each time, due to the change in the center of gravity. Designed by D-Vision – Via.

Cocoon Fruit Bowl is an elegant and stylish stainless steel fruit bowl in a contemporary design.

I hope, you'll find one that suits you perfectly

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  1. monica

    Jul 13, 2010 at 11:00 am

    where can i buy a BUBBLICIOUS fruit bowl?

  2. Iren

    Jul 14, 2010 at 2:49 am

    several great fruit holders I saw here http://us.mydeco.com/c/tabletop-accessories/1885/
    e.g. Conran’s ALESSI RESONANCE FRUIT HOLDER looks really cool

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