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Public Spaces

Categories: Architecture + Interiors



Considering how many public places one visits in a day, it's always surprising how little attention/care is paid to institutional design. We found one Austin firm, Sixthriver Architects that is making waves in this design field and gaining a lot of work and recognition because of their talent. We're looking forward to seeing how they continue to transform the city. 

What are some notable public architecture examples from your own city that you consider to be spectacular?

(All photos totally taken from the Sixthriver Architects website)

4 Comments to "Public Spaces"

  1. Thanks for the post we really appreciate it when people give credit to our work!!!

  2. Pretty cool to see other people talking about your work – especially when I’ve been doing some soul searching on my life’s purpose lately. Thanks for noticing 2Modern from everyone here at Sixthriver!

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