Introducing Vessel on 2Modern!

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Introducing Vessel on 2Modern!

Vessel has just launched on the 2Modern website! Not only are these products eco-friendly, but they are also proudly made in the USA. Vessel’s high quality ceramics safeguard the health of growing plants and come in a range of related shapes complementary to today’s architecture. There is a wide variety of great planters for outdoors, such as the La Gardo Tackett IN-1, the John Follis FX with S-2 Base, or the David Cressey AP-100 Pineapple Planter. If you’re more interested in the indoor variety, check out the La Gardo Tackett APM3 or the Raul Angulo Coronel RL Lantern.

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  1. Leigha

    Jun 4, 2010 at 10:07 am

    Uh. Love it. All of it.

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