Iconic Jesus Statue Destroyed by Fire

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Well this may be a little off topic, but it’s too interesting not to talk about. (Although I will include some design discussion) About 15 minutes away from where I live is Monroe, home to The Solid Rock Church and a 62 foot tall statue of Christ better known as “Touchdown Jesus”, or “Big Butter Jesus” as coined by Heywood Banks. Late last night it was set ablaze, providing some interesting imagery for late night I-75 drivers. Was it an act of hate? No. Lighting struck the right hand of the monument, setting it on fire. I remember watching the lighting last night from my living room, thinking “Wow, that’s an awesome storm”. It lit up the sky about every 5 seconds, for maybe an hour or so, but little did I know the demise of Big Butter had already begun…

Anyhoo, as far as the design of the structure, the massive Jesus was apparently constructed of wood, resin, fiberglass and styrofoam, which are all highly flammable, and held together with metal rods (not the best choice when exposed to extreme weather) Solid Rock had plans of giving “Big Butter” a makeover with over 90 gallons of paint, but the mishap has obviously thwarted their plans. They’ve also announced the resurrection of the mighty statue, and have changed their sign to display the message “He’ll be back” (insert Schwartzenneger impression here). Let’s just hope they use something a little more flame retardant this time.

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“Big Butter” in his hayday..


And the aftermath, or what I like to call “Terminator Jesus”..


RIP Butters.

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