Feltri, Saturn and Noguchi

Modern Decor


by Feltri Gaetano for
Cassina, these chairs look like unzipped
raincoats, flower petals or even wings. In any case, it's
incredibly tempting to just jump in one of them to watch a movie and
snuggle.  The chair is called the Feltri and it is padded with
quilted fabric, polyester, and thick wool felt.


chair with curvy lines that was designed in the mid-20th century is
the Saturn Armchair
The Saturn Armchair is the creative work
of Geneviève Dangles and Christian Defrance. 
One of the rings of the planet saturn, reddish brown band, is
the brightest ring when viewed from the earth. This bright colored
chair invites you for a cosmic travel!! The color scheme in lighter
tones of green and orange would complement wonderfully in a modern

on the subject of rounded backs and circular seats, spherical shapes
in design usually depict a sort of foreign naturalness; they have a
biomorphic intent that reminds me of Noguchi's furniture design.  In
black and white photography, his sculptural forms are defined with
more conviction. Dedicated to create his furniture with various
materials and wood types,
Noguchi learned to carve from Brancusi.


Herman Miller manufactures Noguchi's iconic glass top and wood base table. 

These black and white pictures and what is in these pictures are



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