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, a 20th century early modern architect and furniture
the woman behind the Le Corbusier studio in Paris. (I find this
poster of hers in which she is surrounded by a sample of her work
to be beautiful.) She is currently part of an exhibition at the
Centre Pampidou in
Paris titled "Women artists of the
20th century to the present day".

Charlotte perriand

Mexique room
divider/bookcase comes in many varying configurations was designed
and built for educational and commercial spaces. It is made of pine
and painted aluminum.

Perriand designed the Mexique Room Divider, which was built by the
atelier of Jean Prouve in 1953 for La Maison de Mexique, a dormitory
at Cite Universitaire in Paris. It combines storage space with
a practical room divider and bookcase. The color theme was
designed by
Sonia Delaunay, a French painter whose tastes in color
came from her childhood memories of red and green Ukranian wedding
dresses covered with ribbons. She was also captivated by the
bold colors of the first exhibition of Fauvism in 1905.  
Les Fauves,
French for "The Wild Beasts", emphasized the
non-representational and the strong use of color rather than the more
realistic approach utilized by Impressionism.

designer who was inspired by childhood memories takes us for a
nostaligic ride:
Berker Design
creates retro-modern line furniture. While the designer is
very careful about every detail in his design, he also welcomes
his clients' feedback so that a touch of their individuality may
diffuse into his own work. All of his pieces are hand made of out of
large single pieces of wood. A color palette (RAL) and a wide range
of wood choices are available. 

“Consoule” made of hornbeam.

BiblioCube 01  

"bibliocube" made of cherry.

living room  



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