Black Crow Studios

Modern Decor


Black Crow Studios is all about wallpaper.  Custom wallpaper that pushes the traditional
idea of wallpaper into the realm of Art.  Whether it covers an entire wall or the design
is just an accent to one side, it is not your grandmother’s wallpaper.  Oh how I remember, those paisley patterns in
the kitchen and the endless stream of antique trains with a yellowing
background lining our hallway.  Bold or understated
you choose from patterns called:  Blissful, Graphic, Urban, Vintage and even
Graffiti for those of you who do not get enough on the streets. 

This urban girl of Los Angeles, creator Tracy Hiner says, “This
is for people who want to have something unique in their space that was created
with them specifically in mind.  We are
looking for people who want to make a statement – be it understated or avant
garde.”    There
you have it.   In living color or black
and white…your choice.




Have an infinitely modern day.

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