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The Bamboo Bike Studio is one of the coolest ideas I've heard of in a long time.  Based out of Brooklyn, the studio seeks to promote sustainable entrepreneurship by providing the means and training necessary to build your own bamboo bike and then taking this concept worldwide.

Together with their partners, the Bamboo Bike Studio is working to
establish scalable bike factories in Africa and South America.  Back in
Brooklyn, the studio functions as a place to develop sustainable
product engineering and teaching practices that can be taken abroad to
these locations, providing prototyping and testing at no cost.

Through weekend workshops, local cyclists can learn to build their own custom bikes from raw bamboo.  The cost of these classes then goes directly towards financing, building, and seeding bamboo bike factories in Ghana, Kenya, and Ecuador.

To learn more about the Bamboo Bike Studio, including information about weekend workshops, check out bamboobikestudio.com.

[Thank you to Antonie for sending this my way!]

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