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I enjoy so many of the clever names that people choose for their blogs. Some are to the point and others often don't really work for me.  

Today I am briefing you from blogs that I read daily and…find the name amusing each time I open it.
Manhattan working proof-1 
Cribcandy…one of my favorites…Manhattan never looked so pretty. Incidently, Cribcandy found this from a blog by an artist named Jennifer Hill…her blog name…wait for it…it's clever-Brandflakes for Breakfast.
You know its a cool book-gift when you want to read it before you give it away. If your into retro trailers or anything retro design, this is a good one. What else is good? The blog name where I spotted it, Cool Hunting.
I love Nooka watches. I have nooka envy of a friend who owns several. I love how they have that distinctly Nooka style that is modern and retros 80's all at the same time..-oh, found these on another favorite blog of mine, Sight Unseen. Such a great name for a blog that often presents things and design that I can't find anywhere else on the web.

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