The Shanghai World Expo 2010

Architecture & Interiors

Picture 3
The Macau Pavilion by Carlos Marreiros.

Shanghai is buzzing with activity.  There’s nothing unusual about that.  Its always buzzing with activity. But this time its buzzing with architectural activity. Countries from around the world have built-and are building- pavilions for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.  These pavilions give architectural expression to each nation’s character, history, aesthetic, and aspirations  These are buildings that act as billboards and perform like salesmen.  But that doesn’t make them bad…necessarily.  In most cases, the lack of ‘function’ liberated the architects to explore ideas not normally possible with a more pragmatic client.  The results are not always successful, but the failures are spectacular for their audacity.

Picture 2
The Danish Pavilion by BIG

Picture 5
The Israeli Pavilion by haim z. dotan.

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