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This year in Milan Design Week 2010, American designer Peter J. Pless exhibited his collection Space. He showed 9 prototypes of usual home objects. He merge their basic functions and create new. The Space include four parts of furniture: intimate, personal, social and public. These four categories offer a significant range of complexity. At the
intimate level, objects maintain a more emotional bond where the
personality of the individual is truly formed.



Atelier. The designer was working on furniture scale. He create this lamp in purpose to use it not only as light but as intimate room. It create serene environment that is free of visual
distractions and give a sense of security.


Tryst. This stool could be good for one or two person seating.

Guise. Include both mirror and hanging storage.

Stem. The Stem is intended to remove the need for
excessive packaging of fresh herbs while reducing the need for
transportation of a product that can be conveniently within your reach
as meals are prepared.


Escritoire. This computer desk very comfy for both work and play at home.


Prism. This table include mirrored surfaces that reflect interpretation of the surrounding


Ripple. This chair has very soft surfaces that should remind you serene day at the beach.


Visage: This is aluminium screen that has two positions: open and closed. It intended to create space for privacy.

New design and new ideas for home furnishing and stylish furniture comes soon! Watch at my posts here!

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