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Focus is most well know for their Gyrofocus fireplace (which was recently declared "the world's most beautiful object" in the 2009 Pulchra Design Competition, Italy), but it's their steel barbecues that recently caught my eye.  Available in two designs, Sigmafocus and Diagofocus.

Both designs seem to have some nautical inspiration, something reminiscent of an old steamboat, don't you think?  The Sigmafocus is definitely the most ingenious of the two, though.  Its ability to fold up and out of the way makes it a great option for the outdoor space challenged.

Meanwhile, the Diagofocus is a great multi-functional piece.  Whether you use it as a grill or a fireplace, its flue-like design allows for protection from the wind as well as aiming smoke away from guests.  Moving it to just the right spot is easy thanks to some cleverly hidden wheels.

For more info on these modern barbecues, go to www.focus-creation.com.

[Availability in the U.S. is limited – Euroflues in New Mexico carries Focus products, though they do not have either the Sigmafocus or Diagofocus at this time.  Check the Focus site for more information on where to buy in Europe and elsewhere.]


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  1. Karen Ho Fatt

    Aug 26, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    Functional objects as art! Beautiful to behold. Today’s industrial designers are really thinking outside the box,blurring the lines between what we think of as traditional furniture and art. As a furniture designer myself, not always easy to come up with seemingly simple design solutions.
    Karen Ho Fatt
    Publisher, familyfirepit.com

  2. documentaries

    Nov 10, 2010 at 3:54 am

    today’s industrial designers are really thinking outside the box

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