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Darat King Abdullah in Amman by Zaha Hadid4

Darat King Abdullah in Amman by Zaha Hadid3

Like a piece wind-swept limestone, Zaha Hadid’s newest project takes inspiration from the ancient city of Petra whose walls were carved into the mountains.  The elegant merging of modern architectural design and natural influences reveals itself at this thoughtful Amman masterpiece  The King Abdullah II House of Culture and Art is located at center of Jordanian capital.  “The rose-colored mountain walls have been eroded, carved and polished to reveal the astonishing strata of sedimentation. We have applied these principles to articulate the public spaces within the centre, with eroded interior surfaces that extend into the public plaza in front of the building.' says Hadid.




The theme of erosion is evident throughout with softened curves reverberating on different levels uniting the spaces. A monumental living sculpture. 

The complex includes a 1600-seat concert theatre, 400-seat theatre, educational centre, rehearsal rooms, and galleries.  It is designed with the community in mind, as a place to rehearse, discuss, teach, study, perform and enjoy.  Another Zaha Hadid creation to admire.Via Design Boom

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