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I like contrast.  The clean straight lines with the curved, seems somewhat Feng Shui, the yin and yang, white and red.   Not that I know too much about it myself but I am attracted nonetheless.   Peruvian architect Jose Orrega brings up these contrasting elements in this modern house located in Palabritas Beach.  









Though the house was recently built with a futuristic flair, it does have some feelings of mid-century Palm Springs in the mix, or could it be Brazilian architecture of the sixties?  With interesting room dividers, the ultra white sleek surfaces, open floor plan, sky lights and low ceilings which still gives a feeling of spaciousness, the extended patio and pool frame views of the beach. 

The house is built on two levels.  The main living area and patio on the ground level while the bedrooms and family room below for a bit of coziness.   


Have an infinitely modern day!

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