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Contemporary furniture from Karim Rashid

Categories: Art + Graphics

What could you answer to the one who says you 'I want people to love furniture the way they love
clothing'? I guess you would say that it's sound interesting, but how furniture could be chosen the same way as the clothing?

The first man who not only give the answer but also created furniture that really could serve people as clothing was designer Karim Rashid. This amazing guy was born in Cairo, Egypt. He spent his youth in England and Canada. Later he studied and worked in Italy and U.S. Rashid's works exhibited at major museums in New York, San Francisco, Montreal, London, Chicago and Tokyo. He created furniture for many countries all over the world.

Furniture design for Spanish manufacture VONDOM

His approach in furniture is minimalism. All his works designed with smooth curves and supple shape. The most famous is his sofas.

Koochy sofa

Karim Rashid Kouch and Ouch Sofa and Armchair

Karim Rashid Kouch & Ouch Sofa and Armchair

PAL collection includes multifunctional chairs

Bloob stools

He believe that well-designed objects will add beauty and reflect lifestyle of people who use them.

Karim Rashid Quadro Table



The goal of his designs is to provide a quality experience to the users of the objects.

And who might those furniture will be available from US online store!

4 Comments to "Contemporary furniture from Karim Rashid"

  1. i love the designs. very modern and artistic. for me, the designs above represents almost every kind of people needs or wants, from bachelor type(the black tables with chairs), office worker(stool) and others. too many to state my opinions. :)
    anyways, do you have some designs for Modern Platform bed? i was looking for some. thanks!

  2. I love modern furniture! Some very nice pieces pictured above.Your articles are very inspiring indeed. I keep coming back! There are so many things I agree on. I hope we can exhange ideas in the future.

  3. i love your work.. its nice&simple

  4. Really very nice funiture pieces.

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