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During the long time humanity was inventing a lot of things – now are stereotypes, which now is difficult to understand. To understand world people tried tastes and colors, which surround them. They tried to feel world spirit. Thereby occurred notions and definitions about art, interior and design in whole. Some of those notions was right, some – wrong. And one of the most popular and wrong notion that black color is cheerless in all cases. People associate this color with mysterious and metaphysical and more often with fiend, hell, pitch darkness and grief. Maybe that's why pure black rarely use in interior.


However black could be titbit in interior as well. It is absolutely wrong that it makes interiors cheerless and useless for cosy home. Like no other it captivates, focuses attention and makes you think. There are huge range of black shades: delicate black as veil, matt and sad as crape, saturated royal black as velvet, rich black as taffeta, simple black as silk, flowing black as satin, joyful and formal as lacquer.

Black is perfect background for any object. Contrasting black walls outline furniture pieces as frame for paintings. Either it is table, chair or bed it become more significant in interior. Bright become more brighter and light become more lighter as well.


So, know we understand that black walls spruce up a room. What about floor? Black floor has amazing characteristic, it makes space more light and transparent. In room where walls and ceiling white or paint with bight colors, black floor look like fathomless lake under foots. Also it makes room higher. Contrasting black and white colors push away from each other, make white walls soaring under dark and deep floor. Also this method make focus on lower level of room. Furniture will look more steady, even if it placed in random order.


Black ceiling look extraordinary in any interior. It allow combine furniture with different styles, sizes, colors and shapes due to its domination under them. Black ceiling move to the back other objects in interior, so doesn't matter their quantity and shapes.

Try create your own room with black walls or floor or ceiling!

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  1. Ishka Designs

    May 25, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    Black is beautiful and should be used more liberally in interiors. I absolutely love the room with the turquoise accents. Brilliant!

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