A Cup Of Tea

Modern Decor

Having a cup of tea in the afternoon is almost a daily ritual especially for the past few years having giving up coffee.   I especially love white porcelain something about it is so classic and timeless.  Maybe because it reminds me of the dinnerware my parents had years ago.  And on my search for the modern white porcelain tea cup…I came across a few that caught my eye. 



This set Mori is from designer Masahiro Mori, born in 1927 in Saga, an area famous for its production of ceramics.  These cups were originally designed in 1969 for blind people to distinguish what is contained by feeling the cup. 


Shattered by William Harvey, brings a touch of neo-cubism to the table. 


James Burgess’, I am not a drinking cup is a double-walled porcelain reusable drinking cup with silicone top.  Almost had us fooled. 


Netherlands ceramicist Rob Brandt introduced The Crinkle Cup in 1975.  Three decades later with the eco-green culture Rob Brandt proves to have been ahead of his time. 


Time for a cup of tea.

Have an infinitely modern day!

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