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I caught myself walking around with a smile on my face today…and then I realized…I love warm weather…it makes me smile so much. Warm weather also means lots of activities and fun things to do…

Here are some Modern themed field trips that you can take and relish in the idea of summer days are ahead….

Sauveur de crème web_featured 
The Affordable Art Fair is this weekend (Thursday-Sunday), in NY! Art shows are always fun, If I were in the city this weekend I would definitely check this one out. art above by: Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida.

Oh New Yokers…I am jealous of you. This weekend you are host to one of my favorite design shows each year…BKLYNDESIGNS….This is a great way to preview some of the neatest and often amazing undiscovered talents from the Brooklyn area. A must see if you are in the area May 7-9. Bring Mom, she would enjoy this Mother's Day outing!

Modern enthusiasts working in the industry will ascend onto NY next weekend for the annual ICFF.
Non-Trade enthusiasts are invited to scour the 'Halls Of Wonder' on Tuesday May 18th. 

Landmark Home Tours in LA! Dwell on Design is around the corner and I have to say, one of my favorites is the home tour portion of that program. 
Each year I am awed by the architecture. I love to walk the halls of some of the most spectacular homes in Los Angeles. Check the Dwell on Design home page for details of this entire show in June.

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