111 Coke bottles…


…sure do make for a good-looking chair. Introducing the 111 Navy Chair, a project between Design Within Reach and Coca Cola. Durable for inside and out, you can't help but like the bold color, neat design and knowing you've recycled so many plastic bottles. 


"Made from 111 recycled plastic Coke bottles, the 111 Navy Chair® (1944/2009) is the result of a special collaboration between Emeco and Coca-Cola, and it’s available exclusively at Design Within Reach. It took four years of research, design and materials testing to create this chair, which is a plastic version of the iconic 1006 Navy® Chair (scroll down to see that chair). The 111 expands the Navy collection by offering color and a bit of pop (no pun intended). Plus, it’s about half the price of the aluminum one. This chair is suitable for outdoor and commercial use, and it’s made in U.S.A."

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