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Wall Of Plastic Bricks

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Sustainability


Walls that withstand strong typhoons and powerful earthquakes should be made of steel shouldn’t they?  Not necessarily.  Taipei’s EcoARk exhibition pavillion is made of 1.5 million recycled plastic bottles claimed from the waste system.   The creation of honeycomb-like interlocking plastic building bricks, polli-bricks, holds seven world records in green construction. 


“EcoARK is the world's lightest, movable, breathable environmental miracle” said Douglas Hsu, chairman of the Far Eastern Group, who commissioned the building.  It can be taken apart and reassembled at another site after the Taipei International 2010 Exposition.   Plastic never looked so sleek, modern and almost translucent.  Plastic, the new glass.

Have an infinitely modern day!

2 Comments to "Wall Of Plastic Bricks"

  1. The Polli-Brick building looks fantastic! But, I have read elsewhere that it is solar powered, that it doesn’t have any grid electricity but that it will be cool and comfortable inside due to natural design. That’s a slam dunk for green architecture. Kudos to them for making a pretty building out of recycled plastic. But, I think that there’s even more to the story. I hope they start telling people more about the building.

  2. Very nice design with interesting use of light. It is both appealing, and green!

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