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Paris Roubaix is this Sunday, a one day 150+ mile cycling race over roads as old as the Roman occupation made out of large poorly fitted cobblestones and filled with muck mud and blinding dust. It runs from Paris to the small northern town of Roubaix where it finishes at the Velodrome. Nicknamed the hell of the north for obvious reasons many of its entrants end, if they end at all, with something in pieces -either a bike or their collarbones! A true sports classic having endured for more than 100 years the nature of the event should make it of interest to anyone wanting to see what the efforts of man and a willingness to endure can accomplish.

This book brings the event as close as possible without actually being spattered by the mud, dust, and pounding that the riders endure. The book by association with the event is an instant classic itself!

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