Get vertical: A hanging fruit basket makes for great storage!

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As an apartment dweller, the phrase "A place for everything, and everything in its place" takes on a whole new meaning. And it can be exhausting trying to stay on top of maintaining closets and drawers, so I'm always looking for easy solutions. Last week I found myself searching through Real Simple's archives of bathroom organization. I was looking for some new ideas, something that I could throw together over a weekend. Since my bathroom is the size of a small closet with virtually no storage space, the headline "Consider the Ceiling" peaked my interest. And here's what Real Simple suggested:

"If your quarters are tight and space is already compromised, look up. Take advantage of vertical real estate by hanging a multilevel fruit basket for additional storage. When placed in the shower, the open rungs of the three-tier hanging basket allow loofahs and bath toys to dry over the tub. Or suspend the basket in an unused corner and stock it with lotions, treatments, and scented sachets (in lieu of dust-catching potpourri)."


(Note: This photo is from Real Simple. It is not our apartment. If we were fortunate enough to afford an apartment with such elaborate bathroom fixtures, we probably wouldn't be storing our toiletries from a hanging fruit basket.

Brilliant! The next day, I trekked out to the hardware store and picked up a hanging fruit basket for $6.00 then headed home to get to work. Fortunately, we have a drop-ceiling, so hanging objects is as easy as lifting a ceiling panel up and tucking the hook underneath. If you're dealing with drywall or tin, this project might be a little more complex and you'll probably need to hang a hook first. The whole thing took all of two minutes and left me with a barren countertop just begging for clutter. But it's not gonna happen. I've utilized my vertical real estate, and from now on, my toiletries call a hanging fruit basket home.

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