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Fruit Warehouse by Assadi +Pulido,  Santiago, Chile

The problem:  how to store fresh fruit after its been picked, but before its taken to market.  The fruit must be protected from insects, yet well ventilated.  Rotting fruit must be isolated from good fruit.  The fruit crates must stack neatly inside,  The programatic requirements are simple and straightforward.  They seem to demand a very simple and straightforward building.  Chilean architects Felipe Assadi and Francisca Pulido gave their clients a very simple and straightforward building, but one that is also very elegant and modern- despite the rustic materials.

Picture 4

Assadi and Pulido started with the standard fruit packing crate. This became the building module out of which evolved the final building.  Rows of doors, made of steel and native hard wood, create a simple patterned facade which is broken up by randomly placed air vents.

Picture 5
Though the materials are cheap and industrial  (the interior is just particle board) the detailing is exquisite. Every element, down to the smallest screw fit into the buildings modular vocabulary.  This in turn is a reflection of the buildings contents: crates of fruit. The building’s aesthetic success is due to its functional success.  And vice versa.  Form follows function follows fruit.

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