Event Cafe at Kalavrita, Greece, by Point Supreme Architects

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If you asked any Greek citizen that has the slightest bit of relation to architecture and design, if one could find anything interesting to see in Kalavrita, a small picturesque provincial town in Peloponnese, Greece (mostly know for the savage execution of all men by the Nazis in 1943), they would look at you thinking you are crazy. But Point Supreme Architects, an Athens based team of Architects, proved this wrong: their work at Event Café is unique both in it's surreal elements as in the approach to the difficult process of making something contemporary and unique in a non-descript Greek building without compromising one's aesthetics.


 The café is situated in the ground floor of a 70s two storey house with inclined V columns supporting the top floor. This alone would drive anyone mad (what on earth does this system support anyway?) but the architects used them as the main focus of the front views. Making them vivid green, they use them as the signature of the café outside, looking more surreal than ever but in a good way this time.

Their concept was using materials inspired by the surrounding area. Ceramic floor tiles that instantly remind you of the terracotta roof tiles, green and blue colours taken from nature and raw wood that is similar to the one used for window shutters in residential buildings. Even the ceiling of the café is sloped, echoing the roof of the building.


Inside spaces mix with outside through big openings and the materials that continue until they reach the pavement. The architects even did an amazing photo session inspired by Edward Hopper paintings (shot by the talented Yiannis Drakoulidis) with themselves as the models – the photos featured here are part of it.


status: built 2009

program: café/bar

area: 120 m2

budget: 350 000 euros

location: Kalavrita, Greece

team: Konstantinos Pantazis, Marianna Rentzou, Giorgos Pantazis

photographer: Yannis Drakoulidis


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