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First things first, happy belated anniversary to Earth Day.  Yesterday it hit the big 4-0!  Secondly, rather than spilling some silly "Go Green" rhetoric, I thought I'd share some gardening tips with you all.  I live in Atlanta, where there isn't much green space to garden and where there are a few co-ops sprinkled throughout the greater Atlanta region.  I'm sure that most urban dwellers suffer from this as well.  They'd like to do something a little ecologically-friendly, but they're faced on all sides by concrete and glass. 

Well, I personally am interested in growing my own herbs, veggies and maybe a fruit or two.  What piqued this interest was a recent grocery trip during which I paid $9 for 2 pounds of tomatoes.  That seems like a lot of money for something I could probably grow myself and what's more, it was barely enough to make my homemade pasta sauce.  The way I see it, it would be more economically friendly on my wallet (and in this economy, every penny saved is a penny earned), and it's more ecologically-friendly.

I guess everyone can celebrate Earth Day in their own ways (year-round, hopefully), but they can also do really small things like growing their own  gardens or participating in local garden co-ops.  Growing your own garden locally and organically saves you money and can help reduce the number of trucks on the road. Here's a really interesting beginner's guide on indoor container-gardening for anyone who's interested, as well as some affordable products to help us all get started on our paths to earth-friendly urban/indoor gardening.  Here's a wonderful book called Growing Stuff: An Alternative Guide to Gardening if you're totally uninitiated like me.


Start with an affordable herb kit like this one at Amazon.com


Or, if you can buy seeds individually and plant them individually in simple containers like these:



If you're fortunate enough to have enough outdoor space for a garden or if you live near a garden co-op (Google to find one near you), then you'll need these as well:





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  1. Lewes Accomodation

    Feb 27, 2014 at 2:56 am

    Do you think its an age thing? I recently turned 40 and have suddenly taken an interest in gardening…..where did that come from?

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