Design House Stockholm’s Block Lamp

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The trend of "naked" light bulbs has jumped in popularity in recent months, and when I came across Design House Stockholm's Block Lamp, I thought it was a neat compromise between people who like naked bulbs and people who need a bit of structure around their light sources. And the red power cord is a neat modern touch.


"While experimenting with different glass casting techniques, Finnish designer Harri Koskinen came up with the idea of encasing a small light bulb in a glass block. The light emanating from the 15W bulb is reflected through the walls of the block, which can be placed on floors or tabletops. This classic piece and Design House Stockholm bestseller is part of the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection. Available with a black, white or red cord Block Lamp retails for $129, the Mini Block Lamp for $69 and the amber case Block Lamp for $159."

Design House Stockholm

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