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Dakota Jackon has been crafting beautiful, artful furniture for more than three decades now and it's easy to see why he's had such a sustainable career.  Jackson has been one of the main contributors to the Art Furniture Movement from the 1970s.  His collection is full to bursting with pieces that are shapely, well-crafted and beautiful. 

It's refreshing to see such modern, well-crafted pieces with shape, form and sometimes bright pops of color.  His collection is mostly subdued though:  lots of cherry, maple, ebony or oak stained woods, banana yellow or black leathers and a sofa that resembles a lilac cloud.  Art furniture is still going strong these days, it seems, as Jackson has pieces in hotels, residences, museums and galleries all over the country.

Dakota Jackson- Looie 3 Seat Sofa
Dakota Jackson- Cosmoledo Sofa
Dakota Jackson- Kezu Chaise Lounge

Dakota Jackson- Scatter Chair

Dakota Jackson- Iko Comfort Arm Chair

Dakota Jackson- Arabesque Cocktail Table

Dakota Jackson- Atoll Oval Table
Dakota Jackson- Nuevo Tango Low Round Table

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View other pieces from his artful collection at www.DakotaJackson.com.

or…Take a peak at his New York City brownstone, which was featured last year on Open House NYC.  I love to see how designers design and live in their homes, it makes them (and their collection) all the more interesting!

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